Scott Koon Presenting “NODE! Huh! What else is it good for?” @ #NodePDX

This is the eleventh in a series of posts about the individual speakers lined up for…

Scott Koon's Morning Expression Coming Into Work

Scott Koon's Morning Expression Coming Into Work

Scott Koon and I have worked facing each other for the last several months, hacking away at code. He’s been my go to guy for JavaScript Questions. Well now he’s decided to come down to Portland and give us a talk about Node.js. I’m sure along with his presentation he’ll bring some of his awesome snark too, so watch out! Scott describes his presentation as:

Everyone talks about Node.js in terms of non-blocking I/O and creating a web service or web site using JavaScript. But there is more to Node.js than just Sockets, ports, and protocols. I’ll explore some of the non-web exclusive uses of Node.js. Node can be a code compiler, an FTP server, a continuous integration server, a mail server, a deployment server, or an IRC server. Node can provide system reports, build and package your projects, and parse ePub books.

Herding Code

Herding Code

Scott has been working with JavaScript for a long time. He co-authored a book called “Professional JavaScript Frameworks” published by Wrox press. He’s also a familiar voice on the podcast Herding Code.

If you’d like to come and check out this presentation and the other kick ass presentations lined up, get involved in some coding, hear what Node.js is all about, or just hang out please RSVP and get the event on your calendar! Besides, what better reason to come visit the amazing city of Portland, Oregon than to come hack some node.js and chill for the weekend!

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