Rework Reminder (Kill your BDUF, Code Smells, Anitpatterns, Etc ASAP!)

Rework is ok.  Refactoring is ok.  BDUF (Big Design Up Front) is bad.  Minimal amount to get to market is good.  Getting to market is good.  Don’t get into analysis paralysis.

Best book that cleanly cuts to the chase I’ve read in a long while:  Rework

…and a few friendly reminder videos.

I really can’t emphasize how much better an individual or a company is at getting things done, getting things to market, and generally improving what they do in life when taking a lot of the advice in this book to heart.  Read it.  Know it, and kill the things that are dragging you and your company down.

Thanks.  This has been a friendly public service announcement by yours truly.  Adron B. Hall here at Composite Code Blog.  :D   Cheers!

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